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Your secrecy, details, information, all on these papers, are they still papers? No. They are documents, documents are more than just paper, they contain all your personal information. Whether personal or organisational, both are equally essential, both need to be managed and kept safely. Are you looking for someone who can shift burden of your document management? with professionalism and perfection, then there is good news you, you can get these services in a secure environment, from whom you can trust for keeping quality, and privacy maintained entirely.

Time to meet box it, southeast.

Boxit South East was established in 2005, they provide you with a complete service of document management, their services can be availed throughout the South-East region, including West Sussex and boroughs of South East London. Boxit is a company that is serving people with high quality, and perfection in document management, they promise you to get your work under a safe environment. In this range, they are providing variety and the best services, they work for both, physical and digital documentation storage. They can provide you the service ofcataloguing, real time scanning, retrieval and confidential shredding.This is not all, you can trust them because they have a wide experience of working with 8000 clients in the United Kingdom. They work for both small and large enterprises and agencies throughout the UK. They proudly help you in maintaining your stuff, whether it be personal or organisational.

What can they do for you?

Their services include:

  • Secure document storage
  • Confidential shredding
  • Archive box supplies
  • Cataloguing
  • Document scanning
  • Cloud based storage for digital document management

Let’s have a look in detail about all of these and then you will be able to understand what is the importance of these services.

Digital mailroom

Boxit is providing you the service of digital mailroom, in their business outsourcing solutions, they are just a click away, go and get them.

Archive box supplies

Sometimes when you store your documents on your personal counter, due to many reasons they become inaccessible, for this you need to save them some where else as well, so that you can retrieve them whenever you need them.


Cataloguing refers to the term where you get your record listed and managed in systematical manner, so that whenever it is needed, it is with you.

Document scanning

Papers can depreciate after a longer period of time, so it is netter to have there original digital coy with you, it is easy to maintain the scanned document and also transfer is easy and less risky

Confidential shredding

There are several documents which have personal and sensitive information on them, and can be misused if not discarded properly, here you need to destroy these documents with the help of shredding, pulping or incineration.

These all services can be availed under the one roof, where you can depend on and trust on, box it is going to provide you all this with best quality performance.


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