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How To Hire Niche Content Writers

Apr 29, 2017

Content writers are in huge demand in the market for content has been the most effective strategy to any business success. Every business website or a blog relies on different niches which emerge the requirement of niche content writers in the market. Numerous websites work as an content writing agencies for outsourcing content and other web needs. However, Contentmart is one of the best platforms to get niche writers for any niche and content writing services. Let us look at the steps on how to hire a niche content writer:

Sign up at Contentmart

First and foremost, sign up to Contentmart as a client. The website will ask some basic details for verification. Once the verification is done, you have successfully registered to the site.

Place order and fill up your wallet

Now, place your order stating what content requirement you have. Mention the price or your budget in the price column for the project as well as the date before which you want the content to be submitted. You can also mention special requirements and keywords if any that need to be stuffed to the write-up. Now that you have posted your terms of content; fill in the amount in your Contentmart wallet. Do not worry, Contentmart will not pay the writers unless you have accepted the content.

Choose the content writer

Once you have placed your order, now different writers after reading your requirement will place bids if they believe they can work on it well. They will mention their rates and charges too. You can choose the most affordable writer among them to work on your requirement. Now here the question arises; how to choose the best copywriter?

Check out writer’s profiles

Each writer on Contentmart has a well-prepared profile which shows if he is verified or not, the number of orders completed, the expertise niche and reviews from the previous clients.

Thus, this helps you get an overall idea about the content writer and his writing style. If you look for a technical copywriter, the profile shall give you an idea if the writer is suitable in writing technical contents or not. Now, after visiting these profiles, you will be able to choose the best writer for your content writing needs.

Select a suitable candidate

Award the writer you feel is most suitable for the project. The writer shall submit the article on time and once submitted; you can go through the content. The client can re-assign if some changes are required, reject is the write-up is not good and obviously accept if the writer has met the customer’s needs.


One the client accepts the write-up, Contentmart automatically debits the amount from the client’s wallet and credits the writer’s balance. Thus, this ensures safety and transfer of money only after accepting the article.

Contentmart is thus most reliable content marketplace to help you hire niche writers for your content assignments.

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Let Your Business Grow Further And Shine – Best Digital Marketing Strategies!

Apr 1, 2017

Enticing audience towards a brand is not easy. It takes an excellent digital marketing strategy to grab the most attention of the people especially if you have some new business plan. While some people think that digital marketing is just the same as social media marketing, it is not the case! There are some key differences that distinguish both of them.

Some basics you need to know about Digital Marketing

No matter whether you are new in the business world or not, you must know the important role of technology in affairs of business. After all, the use of smart-phones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets are on the rise.

People these days not only use their smart-phones for entertainment, but accomplish most of their business activities on it. They use this technology for buying almost all the things online, and much more. If you too want to grow your business, you need to have the best online presence, so that maximum number of people can know about your products and services too.

How to get started?

One of the best ways is to build your own business website. If you don’t have any, you are missing out on your best opportunities. Generally, online buyers look out for the products as well as services by first visiting website of manufacturer.

They browse through list of products to check many things including price, features, types, and all information about products and services you offer. So, make sure to hire a reliable and experienced website developer to develop your business website.

Another amazing way is to send your product’s promotional messages to your customers. You can even send them to your previous customers too. You can use SMS facility to inform your customers about a new product or service launch immediately and keep them updated!

Social media marketing is another fabulous strategy where you can use social media platforms for promoting your products. The main benefit that you get out of opting for these sites is that they don’t charge you anything to get your business registered. Once you are signed up on any social media, you can easily build your own follower list and share all information about your business with them.

There are indeed many strategies you can use to make your business successful and easily reachable. Just follow the above tips and adopt the best digital marketing strategies for your business too!

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